School Admissions

Also known as: Admissions to Schools, Application for School Place, Change of School, Education Admission, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, School Places, Secondary School Places

Service Description: The School Admissions Service co-ordinates school admissions for the Isle of Wight.
The Isle of Wight has 51 community, foundation, church aided and academy schools. There are:
41 primary schools (for pupils aged 4 to 11)
7 secondary schools (for pupils aged 11 to 19)
2 mixed-sex special schools (for pupils aged 4 to 11 and 11 upwards)
1 Studio School (for pupils commencing Year 10.)

You can get information/advice on the following from the school admissions office:
• School admissions
• School transport eligibility
• Free school meals and 2 year old funding eligibility
• Other general information about education on the Isle of Wight.

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