A-Z Index of Council Services

This page contains an A-Z listing of all the Services the Isle of Wight Council provides to the public. To search for a service please enter keywords below or use the A-Z menu to search services alphabetically.

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A-Z List of Services

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CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau)
Calbourne Parish Council
Call Centre
Canoe Lake
Canoe Lake Swimming Pool (Waterside Pool)
cap on care (Adults Care Act)
cap on care costs (Adults Care Act)
Car Parks (Parking General Information)
Carbon Monoxide (Housing Enforcement)
Care Act (Adults Care Act)
Care Alarm (Wightcare)
care at home (zzAdult Social Care - Services)
Care Billing (Adult Social Care Finance)
Careers Advice (Choices)
Careers Service (Choices)
Carer (Carers - Adult Social Care)
Carers (Carers - Adult Social Care)
Carers - Adult Social Care
Carers in Education (Young Carers)
Carisbrooke CE Primary School
Carisbrooke College
Carisbrooke College (Island Innovations VI Form Campus)
Carisbrooke Contact Centre (Contact & Assessment Unit)
Carisbrooke High School (Carisbrooke College)
Carisbrooke High School (Island Innovations VI Form Campus)
Carriageway and Footway Maintenance (Highways Maintenance)
Carriageway Reconstruction (Highways Maintenance)
CAS (Combined Accommodation Scheme)
Cash Office Sandown
Cats Eyes (Highways Maintenance)
Cattery (Animal Boarding Establishment Licence (Cats/Dogs))
CDT (Disabled Childrens Service)
Cemeteries (Bereavement Services - Burial)
Census (Isle of Wight Facts and Figures)
Cess Pits (Septic Tanks Certificates (not emptying of))
Chain Ferry (Cowes Floating Bridge)
Chairman (Chairman of the Council)
Chairman of the Council
Chale Parish Council
Chamber of Commerce
Change of address (Change of Address & Circumstances)
Change of Address & Circumstances
Change of circumstances (Change of Address & Circumstances)
Chantry House (Adults Mental Health Team)
Chaperone Licences
Charges (Financial Management)
Charging (Adult Social Care Finance)
Charitable Collections
Charles Wood (Countryside)
CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme)
Chemical Spillage (Spillage - Roads)
Child Car Restraints (Road Safety)
Child Employment
Child Entertainment Performance
Child in Need (Worried about a child)
Child Pedestrian Training (Road Safety)
Child Performance Licences (Child Entertainment Performance)
Child Protection
Child protection referrals (Worried about a child)
Child Safety - Road Safety (Road Safety)
Childcare (Family Information Zone (FIZ))
Childcare and Early Education Centre (Early Years Service - Information for Parents)
Childhood Cancer (Hospice Care for Children)
Children and Family Services
Children and Libraries
Children and Young Adults Disability Team (Disabled Childrens Service)
Children Complaints
Childrens CAF
Children's Centres (Support and Advice for Families)
Childrens Duty & Assessment Team
Childrens First Response (Childrens Duty & Assessment Team)
Children's Homes (Residential Care for Children)
Children's library service (Children and Libraries)
Childrens Parties
Children's Referrals (Childrens Duty & Assessment Team)
Children's Safeguarding Service (Worried about a child)
Childrens Service Centre (Children and Family Services)
Children's Service Finance (School Funding)
Children's Services (Children and Family Services)
Children's Services (Adoption)
Children's Social Care (Children and Family Services)
Children's Support (Support and Advice for Families)
Chillerton and Gatcombe Parish Council
Chillerton and Rookley Primary School
Chillerton Parish Council (Chillerton and Gatcombe Parish Council)
Choice Based Lettings (Island HomeFinder Scheme)
Christ the King College
Cinema (Medina Theatre)
Citizens Advice Bureau
Citizenship Ceremonies
Civic Amenity Sites (Household Waste Recycling Centres)
Civil Protection (Emergency Management)
Clatterford Tuition Centre (The Island Learning Centre)
Clean Air Act (Environmental Health - Air Quality)
Clear bags (Recycling)
Cliff Lift (Shanklin Lift)
Climate Change
Clinical Psychologists (Adults Mental Health Team)
Clinical Waste Disposal / Collection
Clubs (Sports Development Unit)
CMHT (Adults Mental Health Team)
CMU (Contract Management Unit (Grounds Maintenance))
Coaching (Sports Development Unit)
Coastal Centre (Coastal Management)
Coastal Defences (Coastal Management (including Coast Protection))
Coastal Erosion (Coastal Management (including Coast Protection))
Coastal Management
Coastal Management (including Coast Protection)
Coastal Visitor Centre (Coastal Management)
CODA (Community Safety Services)
Collection (Commercial Waste)
College (Isle of Wight College)
Colt Directory Enquiries
Combined Accommodation Scheme
comments (Adult Social Care)
Commercial Land and Property
Commercial Services (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - General Information)
Commercial Waste
Commercial Waste
Commercial Waste - Skip Services (Skip Permits)
Commission of Social Care Inspection
Committee Reports (Council Meetings)
Committee Services (Council Meetings)
Common Assessment Framework (Childrens CAF)
Common Land (Local Land Charges)
Commons Search (Local Land Charges)
Communal Heating Charges
Communications and Public Relations (Media Relations)
Community & Well being. (Empty Properties)
Community & Wellbeing (Open and Derelict Properties)
Community Action Isle of Wight
community alarm (Remaining Independent)
Community Alarm (Wightcare)
Community Centres (Northwood) (Northwood Community Hall)
Community Centres (St.Andrews) (St Andrews Community Hall)
Community Covenant (Armed Forces Community Covenant)
Community covenant grant fund (Armed Forces Community Covenant)
community directory (Adult Social Care - Information and Advice)
Community Engagement (Consultations)
Community Fire Safety (Fire and Rescue Service)
Community Growing Policy (Strategic Asset Management)
Community Hall (St Andrews Community Hall)
Community Learning Centre (Adult Community Learning Service)
Community Mental Health Services (Adults Mental Health Team)
Community Outreach
Community Planning
Community Psychiatric Nurses (Adults Mental Health Team)
Community Reablement (Community Outreach)
Community Right to Bid (Strategic Asset Management)
Community Right to Challenge (Procurement)
Community Safety (Fire Service - Education)
Community Safety (Recruitment - Fire)
Community Safety Services
Community Support Officers(CSO) (Community Safety Services)
Community Transport
Community Transport (Public Transport)
Community Warden Service
Compensation claims (Insurance Service)
complaints (Adult Social Care)
Complaints (Complaints Team)
Complaints (Adult Services Complaints)
Complaints (Councillors - Complaints Process)
Complaints (Children Complaints)
Complaints (Food) (Food Safety & Hygiene)
Complaints Team
compliments (Adult Social Care)
Compost Bins (Recycling)
Compost Bins (Get Composting)
Concert (Isle of Wight Music Festival 2015)
Concession Cards (One Card)
Concessionary Fares (Concessionary Travel Schemes)
Concessionary Travel Schemes
Concessions - Tricia Stillman (Recreation, Leisure and Public Spaces - Beaches)
Connexions (Choices)
Conservation & Design
Conservation & Design (Conservation & Design)
Conservation Areas (Conservation & Design)
Conservation Sites (Countryside)
Consultant Psychiatrists (Adults Mental Health Team)
consultations (Adult Social Care)
Consumer Advice (Consumer Direct)
Consumer Advice (Trading Standards - Consumer Advice)
Consumer Credit (Licence - Credit)
Consumer Direct
Consumer Direct (Consumer Direct)
Contact & Assessment Unit
Contact & Assessment Unit (Contact & Assessment Unit)
Contact Centre (Call Centre)
Contact Centre - Carisbrooke (Contact & Assessment Unit)
Contact Numbers
Contract Management (Procurement)
Contract Management (Contract Management Unit (Grounds Maintenance))
Contract Management Unit (Grounds Maintenance)
Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme
Contribution-Based Employment and Support Allowance - Proposed Changes
Co-operative Development
Copy Certificates - Deaths (Registration of Deaths)
Copy certificates births (Registration of Births)
Copy certificates marriages (Registration of Marriages and Civil Partnerships)
Core Strategy
Core Strategy (Planning Policy)
Core Strategy (Policy SP2 Review)
Core Subjects (School Curriculum)
Coroners Office
Corporate Complaints (Complaints Team)
Corporate Design (Publications and graphic design)
Corporate Estate Management
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Manager (Corporate Governance)
Corporate Information Unit (Data Protection)
Corporate Plan (Business Improvement Team)
Cosmetic Piercing (Skin Piercing / Tattooing / Acupuncture)
Council Car Parks (Parking Services)
Council Emergency Contacts
Council Events Team (Events Team)
Council Housing - Crime
Council Housing - Current Garage Arrears
Council Housing - Squatters and Unauthorised Occupants
Council Initiatives - Housing (Housing Strategy)
Council Land Ownership (Commercial Land and Property)
Council Lettings - Garages
Council Meetings
Council owned buildings (Property Services - Building Management (Shared Services))
Council Property for Sale/Rent (Commercial Land and Property)
Council Property for Sale/Rent (Lettings)
Council Tax
Council Tax Discounts (Council Tax)
Council Tax Discounts (Council Tax Reductions)
Council Tax Exemptions (Council Tax)
Council Tax Exemptions (Council Tax Reductions)
Council Tax Reductions
Council Tax Reductions (Council Tax)
Council Vehicles (Fleet Maintenance)
Council Website (Website)
Council Website (Internet Service Standards)
councillors (Labour Group)
Councillors (Councillors - Complaints Process)
Councillors - Complaints Process
Councils - Mainland (Local Authorities Search)
Counselling (Citizens Advice Bureau)
Country Parks (Countryside)
Countryside Rangers (Countryside)
Countryside Walks (Countryside Walks and Events)
Countryside Walks and Events
County Court
County Hall DX ( Newport IOW)
County Record Office (Record Office)
County Show (Agricultural Show)
County Transport (Fleet Maintenance)
Courses (Adult Community Learning Service)
Court of Protection (Deputyship)
Court Procedures (Youth Offending Team)
Courts (County Court)
Cowes Business Association
Cowes Chain Ferry (Cowes Floating Bridge)
Cowes Enterprise College
Cowes Floating Bridge
Cowes Harbour
Cowes High School (Cowes Enterprise College)
Cowes Library
Cowes Maritime Museum
Cowes Primary School
Cowes Town Council
Cowes Voluntary Activity Centre
Cowes Waterfront
Credit Union (United Savings & Loans)
Creditor Payments
Crematorium (Bereavement Services - Cremation)
Cricket (Medina Outdoor Hard Play/ Pitches)
Crime and Disorder (Community Safety Services)
Crisis Support (Community Outreach)
CSCI (Commission of Social Care Inspection)
CSO's (Community Safety Services)
Customer Accounts (Sundry Debt)
Customer Service Centre (Help Centres)
CYADS (Disabled Childrens Service)
Cycle (Road Safety) (Road Safety)
Cycle Lanes and Routes (Road Markings and Signage - Cycle Lanes and Routes)
Cycle routes (Traffic Management)
cycling (Traffic Management)
Cycling and Walking to School (Road Safety)
Cycling Festival (Isle of Wight Cycling Festival)
cycling promotion (Traffic Management)
Cycling Training (Road Safety)
Cystic Fibrosis (Hospice Care for Children)