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Policies under consultation

Regulatory Service Enforcement policy

This policy applies to all the legislation enforced by officers with delegated enforcement powers employed by Regulatory Services and is also adopted by the Environment Officers in the Economy and Environment Directorate.

The main changes are due to updated guidance, new legislation and the addition of Community Safety to the service and are outlined under the headings below:


  •  Updated reference to the new code of practice (Regulators Code) and the 6 principles.

 Purpose and scope

  • Now includes officers within community safety.

  • Removes Environment officers.


  •  Makes it clear that we will seek the most effective approach to enforcement by coordinating action between enforcement agencies.

  • That we will take account of approved codes of practice or other guidance document (e.g. work related deaths protocol).

  • Liaise with the primary authority (if there is one).

  • Utilise the financial investigator in relation to financial confiscation.



  • Any obstruction on the part of the offender.

  • Existence of the primary authority agreement.

  • Sufficiency of the evidence.

 Enforcement options

 Now includes

  • Referral to other agency (including CPS, CQC,  primary or home authority).

  • Civil injunctions/community protection notices (new legislation).

  • Criminal behaviour order (new legislation).

  • Proceeds of crime application.

 Equalities and Human Rights

 New section to include 'Mental Capacity Act'.

Appeals and complaints

New section.

Consultation for Regulatory Service Enforcement policy

Opening date: 28 November 2016

Closing Date: 2 January 2017

View the draft Policy here

Current Policy: 

Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy (PDF, 159.12KB, 8 pages).

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Any correspondence received after the end date will not be able to be considered.