Drug and Alcohol Action Team


The Isle of Wight Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) is the local partnership responsible for the delivery of the National Drug and Alcohol Strategies at a local level. 

The principal responsibilities are to:

  • Support commissioning and ensure operational delivery of substance misuse services in the local community
  • Make best use of resources and commission appropriate services for the local area
  • Performance manage the delivery of quality commissioning services in relation to central and local targets and standards and contractual requirements
  • Provide an integrated service by working with existing service providers, partner agencies and stakeholders

Services which are funded as part of this pooled treatment budget are outlined below:

Tier 2 Services

Tier 2 services offer an open access service to those not receiving substitute medication which include interventions that:

  • Engage people into drug treatment
  • Support people prior to structured treatment
  • Help retain people in the treatment system
  • Support active drug users who may not want or need intensive structured drug treatment at that point in their lives
  • Aid harm reduction

Tier 3 Services

Services include the provision of structured care plans, interventions and comprehensive assessment of clients' needs which require the prescribing of substitute medication (detoxification) carried out by trained clinicians.

Tier 4 Services

Tier 4 services are aimed at individuals with a high level of presenting need and consist of abstinence-oriented programmes, detoxification services, or services which stabilise clients and provide specialist inpatient interventions which are necessary to support clients with complex drug, alcohol and health needs, those in crisis and those requiring medication stabilisation.  Tier 4 Interventions include a comprehensive substance misuse assessment, including complex cases when appropriate, care planning and review for all inpatient and residential structured treatment.

Young People Services

Provides a service which aims to maintain an holistic approach to working with young people, addressing their complex and often multiple needs, not just substance misuse problems.  The Service comprises of a multi-disciplinary team, providing a Tier 2 open access and Tier 3 treatment and care service for young people offering a range of community based initiatives and interventions.  there is also a transitional worker who works with clients who are 18-24 as a bridge between young people's services and adult services.

Representing & Empowering Service User to Liaise with Treatment (RESULT)

The Isle of Wight DAAT proudly endorses the development of this newly formed service user-led project on the Isle of Wight.  RESULT aims to contribute actively to DAAT related work including:

  • Mystery shopper exercises.
  • Information & prevention campaigns.
  • Assisting in the development of local needs assessments and treatment plans.

The volunteers undertake a rolling programme of training including:

  • Peer mentoring and advocacy with the view to take an active part in recruiting new service users and supporting others during their journey.
  • Aftercare provision for service users nearing the end of their Tier Three programme with a view to increasing move-on and reducing level of service users relapsing into problematic substance misuse.

Providing Opportunities for Women and Ensuring Respect (POWER)

POWER is a voluntary service funding by the DAAT which is run by women for women with the aim of bringing a positive change to women and their families.  The aim is to enable women currently in treatment to become empowered and manage their own lives more effectively.  This is achieved by offering various activities that are  designed to be creative, therapeutic and educational. 

Breaking Free Online (contact the DAAT Team)

  • Breaking Free Mobile is a fully interactive treatment and recovery programme that service users can carry around with them at all times.
  • Service users can instantly access the strategies in Breaking Free Mobile whenever they need them - including the mindfulness-based technique of urge surfing, which allows them to manage their cravings.
  • Breaking Free Mobile allows service users to identify risky places on a map of their own local area.  Whenever they approach one, they receive an alert via GPS and a reminder of what action to take to avoid relapse.