Isle of Wight Against Scams Partnership (IWASP)

The IOW Trading Standards Service has joined forces with the Police, Fire and Rescue, Age Friendly Island and Citizens Advice Bureau to form a partnership called IWASP. 

IWASP is an acronym for Isle of Wight Against Scams Partnership. 

Under the Charter all of these organisations will work together to better protect people on the Isle of Wight from scams, doorstep crime and fraud and to support victims. IWASP doesn't intend to stop there though, we hope to increase our partnership providing on-going support and information from a wide range of organisations and agencies.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary a Scam is: "A trick, a ruse, a swindle, a racket" its nearest synonym is fraud!

Scams make victims part with their money and personal details by intimidating them or promising cash, prizes, services and fictitious high returns on investment. Its important to remember that no matter what type of scam, all scams are crimes.

  • Approximately 3.2 million people (1 in every 15) fall victim to scams each year.
  • The average age of a scam victim is 75.
  • Scams cost the UK economy between 5 and 10 billion pounds each year.
  • Only 5% of these crimes are ever reported.

These statistics make for quite frightening reading and with an increasing elderly population on the Island this problem will only increase.

For further information on the different types of scams please click here.