Transparency - Our Finances

Spending and Finance - current and last financial year


Financial Information

Financial information is available for all invoices with data now uploaded monthly. For earlier periods the quarterly information is also available via the archived data tab.


Annual Budgets and Statement of Accounts

The council also publishes financial information on its annual budgets and statement of accounts. To view this information please click here.


Sources of Income

The money the council uses to provide services comes from a number of sources including:

  • Formula grant from the government
  • Council tax and council tax freeze grant
  • Core grants for specific services and projects
  • Dedicated schools grants
  • Income from charging and contributions for certain services

To view a register of the councils fees and charges, please click here.


Financial Performance

Quarterly performance reports to cabinet bring together information about finance, risk, and achievement of corporate priorities. To view this information please click here.


Councillors Allowances

The Member’ Allowances Scheme has been established under the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 (and any amendments to those regulations) and can be viewed in the Councils Constitution.

The level of allowances is set each year by an Independent Remuneration Panel. To view the reports of the Panel, please click here.


Budget Consultation

The council consults each year on budget setting so that the public can have input into how the council plans what services it is able to deliver in the future.