Adult Social Care - Services


In order to receive help from the council individuals will be required to undertake an assessment to help us identify your needs and support you to improve and maintain your well being. You can complete an online assessment form now, by clicking here. A Social Care Worker will then contact you once the form has been received to complete the process. If you feel that you require some help, please call First Response on 01983 814980 who will arrange for an assessment to be completed

The following information outlines the process that will take place.

Step 1: Initial Contact Assessment

The purpose of the Initial Contact Assessment is to explore your current circumstances and the reason for your call.  We will offer you information, advice and support to maintain or improve your wellbeing.  This will involve sharing information about our partner agencies that may be able to support you in maintaining or improving your wellbeing and empower you to live independently.  We will identify if you require a detailed assessment to support you to achieve identified outcomes.  We may give you information and advice about other forms of support available outside of the Council at this point rather than proceeding with a Your Needs Assessment.

Step 2: Your Needs Assessment

If you need a more detailed care assessment an Adult Social Care member of staff will contact you.  They will have a detailed discussion with you, and anyone else you would like at your assessment, about your needs and the outcomes you would like to achieve to improve and maintain your wellbeing.  The detailed assessment will identify if you will benefit from a short period of ‘reablement’ support to regain your independence. When this has been completed, we will be able to make a decision about whether you have eligible care needs.

Step 3: Support Planning

If you have eligible needs that are unresolved then you will be able to complete a My Independence Plan.  This plan will look at how your allocated indicative budget is able to help you to meet the outcomes identified in your assessment. 

Step 4: Review

We will regularly review the services you are getting from us to ensure that your outcomes are being met and the care you are receiving is appropriate.  We will also review your needs to decide whether they still meet the national eligibility criteria.  However, if there are any significant changes to your needs we will carry out a full reassessment.