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Residential & Nursing Care


Care homes provide 24 hour care for people who cannot manage living in their own home, even with support from home care services.  Moving to a care home may seem like a big step, but they can offer the opportunity to form new friendships and provide a safe, comfortable place to live.

There are two main types of care home:

  • Residential care home staff help residents with personal care, such as getting up, washing, dressing and going to the toilet.  Each residential home generally offers care to people with a similar condition or problem such as those with physical disabilities, a learning disability, mental health condition or to older people with physical disabilities or dementia.  Meals are provided and there are often outings and other activities.

  • Nursing care homes also offer care to people with a similar condition or problem but specialise in providing nursing care for people suffering from medical problems, injury or infirmity - the kind of care that requires the skills of a qualified nurse.  Nursing homes are required by law to have a qualified nurse on duty 24 hours a day.

Choosing a Care Home

Choosing a care home on the Isle of Wight is a personal choice.  There are many things to consider and you must make sure you choose a home that meets your needs and where you will enjoy living.  To assist you in choosing a care home suitable for you, the following websites will provide further information and guidance on selecting the right care home:

  • NHS Choices: Information and helpful hints on choosing a care home, types of care homes, and trial periods in care homes. For more information, please click here.

  • Age UK: Information and guidance to assist on choosing a care home.  For more information, please click here.

Should you need further assistance, please contact our First Response Team on 01983 814980.

Care choices have also produced for us an Isle of Wight version of their Care Services Directory. It provides a range of information and advice and gives details of care agencies and care homes available on the island. You can view a copy of the directory by visiting their website by clicking here.

Quality Assurance

In England all health and social care services are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), whether provided by the NHS, local authorities, private companies or voluntary organisations.  Reports on the CQC’s findings on individual care homes can be found on their website by clicking the following link: