Personal Budgets

Pre-paid Cards

The Isle of Wight Council is introducing a new way to help you manage the money you receive for your care and support.

Pre-paid cards are being introduced in 2017 as the new way to receive and manage your direct payment funding.

A pre-paid card account is just like a current account from your bank.  You can use it to pay for services that meet your needs and outcomes, as agreed in your support plan.  You will be issued with a card to manage your payments

How the pre-paid card works

  • Payments are made straight into the account by Adult Social Care.
  • There will be a debit card attached to the account which you will hold.

  • You can use the card to pay for services either in person (using chip and pin), by standing order, direct debit, by bank transfer via the internet or telephone for the services detailed in the agreed Independence Plan.

  • You can check account balances online, by text message or via the telephone.  Paper statements are also available.

  • The account will not have a cheque book.

    The benefits of using a pre-paid card account

    • There is no further need to open a separate bank account.
    • There is no need to send bank statements to the Isle of Wight Council as part of the audit process.  However, receipts and invoices will still need to be kept for all payments and may be requested if required.

    • It is a secure and easy way to make payments for your care.

    • You can nominate a trusted person to help run your account with you.

    The cards can be used in a similar way to a normal bank debit card.  If required, full assistance and support will be available online and via the telephone to make payments, check your balance and set up regular payments etc. 

    Due to the number of Adult Social Care direct payment cases, prepaid cards will be introduced throughout 2017.  A Direct Payment Officer will contact affected service users to assist with the transition to a prepaid card.

    To print this information out in a PDF format, please click here (PDF, 367.30KB, 3 pages).