Family Link Scheme

The Family Link scheme offers families with a child who has physical or learning disabilities and are open to the Children's Disability Team a short break from continuous caring.

The Family link scheme provides short-breaks for children within carers’ homes. It is not a full time role but it is essential that carers are able to make a firm commitment to a regular pattern of care.

Why families need a scheme

Looking after a child with a disability requires a tremendous amount of energy. All parents need a break from their child once in a while, for these families this can be all the more important. The Link Scheme enables them to take a break. This break can be anything from a few hours to an overnight stay or longer period.

Your Social Worker will able to provide you with further information on this service.

Families can use the break to:

  • Have a rest.
  • Do some shopping.
  • Spend time with other children in the family.
  • Have an evening out or a short holiday.
  • Enjoy some leisure time or pursue an interest.
  • Most importantly the scheme offers the child the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy new experiences outside of their home.