Community Safety Services

Local Alcohol Action Area (LAAA)

The Isle of Wight Community Safety Partnership has identified reducing alcohol related crime as a priority in their strategic plan and therefore applied to be part of the Local Alcohol Action Area (LAAA) Programme under the Government’s Modern Crime Prevention Strategy.

The first phase of the LAAA programme ran between 2014 and 2015 and involved 20 areas.  It gave local agencies the opportunity to develop solutions to alcohol-related problems that are specific to their area.  Those participating in the programme received support from Government, industry, and other local partners. Due to its success, a second round began earlier this year and following a successful application, the programme will run on the island for the next two years.

The aims of the programme will be:

  1. To reduce alcohol related harm.
  2. To reduce alcohol related crime.
  3. To create a more diverse and vibrant night time economy.


This includes:

  • To reduce alcohol related crime and disorder including alcohol related domestic and sexual violence, antisocial behaviour and street drinkers as well as reducing the sale of alcohol to those who are intoxicated,
  • To reduce health and social problems arising from drinking too much alcohol,
  • To improve the collection, sharing and use of data between the Council, Police and NHS,
  • To create a more diverse and vibrant night time economy and attract a wider audience into the towns in the evening.


There will be numerous campaigns and projects happening to achieve the aims of the LAAA programme; more information will be available on the website in due course.

For further information on LAAA, visit the website by clicking here or alternatively contact our Local Alcohol Action Area Project Officer (LAAA Project Officer), by clicking here and using the 'Send a Message' to service form.