Fire and Rescue Service

Collaborative Partnership

Operational Policy and Procedure (OPAP)

OPAP is a collaborative partnership between fire and rescue services, to improve inter and intra-operability by developing and adopting common operational ways of working, supported by common training packages and mobilising protocols.

With 14 partners, OPAP is structured into three working hubs to reduce travel distances and speed up production of operational guidance documents.  In addition to supporting mobilising control projects, the work now includes developing common training packages and a common operational assurance methodology.

In 2012, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) awarded Interoperability Grant funding, to support the final phases of product development, the transition to product maintenance and to seek alignment with others to potentially achieve a national 'best practice' model.

Grant funding has enabled the Core Programme Team (CPT) to be established to aid the completion of the development work, put in place robust quality assurance arrangements and to work to achieve national alignment.

Having the CPT has also meant that the number of participating Fire and Rescue Services can grow in a controlled manner; indeed the benefits of this collaborative work have led to a further five Services asking to be included and the Core Programme group now includes 19 Fire and Rescue Services.

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