Sports Development Unit


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The Isle of Wight Council Sports Development Unit is committed to supporting the many sports clubs, individuals, coaches, officials and volunteers who help contribute to sporting success on the Island.  To find out whether the sport you provide could be funded, contact us using the tabs above for more information.

Sports Funding Database

The sports unit collects and collates information on many charities and organisations that offer grants to sports clubs therefore there may be other sources of funding which are available to your club.

If you are a charity or organisation offering sports grants please do not hesitate to contact the sports unit to inform us of any new funds which could be added to these databases, by using the ‘Contact’ tab above and clicking on the 'Send a message to this service' tab.

If you would like any support or information when considering making a funding application please contact us.

Local Sports Funding

Various funding is available through Town Parish’s/Town Management Committee’s.  To find out more, please contact local groups by clicking here (web) for a list of committee's in your area.

Regional Sports Funding

For a list of funding opportunities across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, please click here (web) .