Museum of Island History


A skillet - The Island’s Earliest Christian Object

The Isle of Wight Council in partnership with 'Visit Isle of Wight' re-opened the Museum of Island History on Monday 7 March 2016 at the historic Guildhall on Newport High Street after 12 months of closure.

The Museum provides a fascinating exploration of Island history from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day.  Visitors can view incredible objects highlighting the Island’s diverse historical past; including hands on displays and the latest archaeological finds, as well as visit a range of exciting, changing exhibitions throughout the year.

The Museum’s exhibition explores the history of the Island’s shipbuilder J.S White's of Cowes.

For any enquiries about our collections please contact the Curator of Human History online, by using the send a message to this service form available by clicking here  or telephone using the number provided in the 'Contact' tab above.