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Borrow eComics

Borrow digital versions of comics, graphic novels and Manga for free to read on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You need to be a member of the Isle of Wight Library Service to borrow our free eComics, as you will need your library card number. You can get a library card at any one of the 11 libraries or the mobile library.

  • eComics are supplied by ComicsPlus and include graphic novels and manga for all ages.

  • There is no limit on the number of eComics that you can check out. They are on loan for 7 days and can be reissued if required.

Accessing eComics

  • Create a library account on the ComicPlus website by selecting 'Create new account' in the top, right hand corner. You will need your library card to authenticate your account. (If you already have a Zinio - emagazines or Atomic Training account those account details can be used for Comics Plus).

  • Enter an email address and password to create your account - make a note of this account information for future reference.

  • Click on 'Get Started', followed by the cover of the comic or graphic novel you want to read.

Guidance on content

The comics and graphic novels in this collection are intended for children, young people and adults. Each title has an age rating that has been given by the publisher as guidance only. Please be aware that graphic novels for older readers may contain storylines and images that include violence, offensive language and sexual content.

Isle of Wight Library Service cannot censor any material or restrict access by age to the comics in this collection. We advise that parents and carers should be aware of the age ratings when viewing or allowing children to view this content, and satisfy themselves that the titles are suitable for their child.   The mobile app which allows you to download and view comics on your smart phone or tablet does have a parental control feature to select age appropriate material.

Further information about helping children and young people to stay safe online is available from Get Safe Online, a government-backed organisation providing free expert advice.