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Picture of William Buckett 1916

This page includes articles written by staff at the Record Office for the journal of the Isle of Wight Family Society (IWFHS) courtesy of the editor, recording recent accessions and reporting on events at the Record Office. Also included are links to websites for projects supported by the Record Office and lists of some recent highlights of our collections.

IWFHS Articles from the Record Office

Below are links to the latest articles written by the staff of the Record Office for inclusion in the journal of the Isle of Wight Family History Society (IWFHS):

  • To view the IWFHS Journal article from January 2017, please click here (PDF, 46KB, 2 pages)
  • To view the IWFHS Journal  article ‘Isle of Wight Rifles at Gallipoli from March 2016, please click here (PDF, 1460KB, 4 pages)
  • To view the IWFHS Journal article from March 2016, please click here (PDF, 48KB, 3 pages)
  • To view the IWFHS Journal article from February 2016, please click here (PDF, 47KB, 3 pages)
  • To view the IWFHS Journal article from January 2014, please click here (PDF, 40KB, 2 pages)

Related Projects

Isle of Wight Rifles – Gaza, Gallipoli and Beyond

This website includes primary source material relating to Island people from the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 to the evacuation from Gallipoli in 1916. The Record Office supplied letters, photographs and diaries from the period 1914-1916 and are grateful for funds received towards the conservation of these documents provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

To access the Isle of Wight Rifles website, please click here

For more details of these collections, see the Isle of Wight Family History Society Journal article on Gallipoli above. 

Down to the Coast – A Landscape Partnership Scheme Celebrating East Wight

This website includes an Access and Learning Project on ‘Parks, Gardens and the Picturesque’ which is designed to raise the awareness of 18 and 19 Century gardens on the Isle of Wight.  We were very grateful to receive funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the conservation of two maps of the Worsley estate at Appuldurcombe and surrounding area.  Images of the maps are available below:

  • To view the 1773 map on parchment (Reference JER/WA/33/44), plesae click here (PDF,1527KB, 1 page)
  • To view the c1800 map on linen (Reference JER/WA/33/45), please click here (PDF,1562KB, 1 page)
  • To access the Down to the Coast website, please click here 

Accessions to Repositories

Each year, a small number of items deposited in the previous year are chosen by The National Archive as being particularly significant. The lists of significant accessions for the last five years are available below:

  • The 2016 list of accession highlights is not yet available
  • To view the 2015 list of accession highlights click here (PDF, 17KB, 1 page)

  • To view the 2014 list of accessions highlights click here (PDF, 21KB, 1 page)

  •  To view the 2013 list of accessions highlights click here  (PDF, 23KB, 1 page)

  • To view the 2012 list of accessions hughlights click here (PDF, 23KB, 1 page)