School Admissions

Primary Admissions Consultation for 2019/20

Consultation on admissions arrangements for Isle of Wight community and voluntary controlled schools.

This consultation is about main round and in-year admissions for the school year 2019/20. This includes the admissions policy for voluntary controlled and community primary schools.

The Isle of Wight Council must by law determine, before 28 February 2018, the arrangements that will apply to school admissions in the academic year 2019/20. This will include a six week consultation period which will end on 22 January 2018. This document details the matters upon which we are inviting responses. You may visit County Hall or the libraries to view and respond to this consultation online if you do not have internet access.

The consultation seeks to establish the admissions policy for admission to Isle of Wight Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary Schools.

There is one proposed change to the policy that was used in 2018. A new definition of church has been provided by the Diocesan Board of Education for the Winchester and Portsmouth Church of England Diocese. That can be seen on page 5 of the policy in the oversubscription criteria.

Recently there have been questions as to whether the straight line distance measurement to the nearest school might disadvantage families living in East or West Cowes where it is possible that the nearest school requires crossing the River Medina. Analysis has shown this not to be the case and so the distance tiebreak remains unchanged.

Supporting Documents

Admissions Policy 2019 Primary Intake, click here (PDF, 251 KB, 9 pages).

In Year Admissions Policy 2019 for Admission to Community and voluntary controlled primary schools, click here (PDF, 146 KB, 4 pages).

There is no change to the Published Admissions Number (PAN) for Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary Schools from 2018, the PANs can be viewed here (PDF, 71 KB, 1 page). 

Your Views and Comments

Please use our online 'send a message to service form' by clicking here  to provide us with any of your comments or views on the policies available to view above.

Start of consultation: Monday 11 December 2017

End of consultation: Monday 22 January 2018 (midnight)

Please note: any correspondence received before the start date or after the end date of this consultation will not be able to be considered.