Isle of Wight School Holidays Consultation

Isle of Wight Council wishes to investigate the patterns of term and holiday dates within the IWC school year to ensure that they best support learning and outcomes for children as well as best supporting our education and wider communities in how they organise their work and home life calendars. 

A paper, seeking approval to consult on possible changes to term dates received Cabinet’s approval earlier this month. To view the paper, please click here. (PDF, 64KB, 6 pages).

The suggestions are look into the possibility of reducing the summer holiday but extending the half term holidays that occur in October and February. No decisions have been taken yet.

The IWC is eager to have as many comments as possible,  because as part of this consultation we would like to ensure that the eventual decision has been informed by as many respondents as possible. 

We  would welcome your views; please complete our online consultation by clicking on this link.

Start of consultation: 24 November 2017 

End of consultation: 12 January 2018