Highways - Maintenance

    Also known as: Potholes

    Service Description: Island roads are responsible for the following services, please contact them for further information:
    Carriageway and Footway Maintenance
    Cats Eyes - damaged or missing
    Damaged Road Signs
    Faulty Street Lights
    Damaged Kerb Stones
    Traffic signal problems
    Road Defects
    Repainting Lines
    Roadside Ditches and Verges
    Ragwort on the Highway Verge
    Spillage on roads including: Diesel Spillage, Mud Spillage, Oil Spillage, Petrol Spillage or Chemicals.
    Potholes/ Holes in the road

    Sand Bags:
    In some emergency situations the Isle of Wight Council will, where possible, position stocks of sandbags at strategic locations around the Island. In instances such as these the locations will be issued through local media and through the Council's website, facebook and twitter accounts. Alternatively, please contact Island Roads on 01983 822440 for further information.

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