About Adoption

The Island's Adoption Service is looking for adopters from all walks of life and backgrounds to offer permanence to a child who is in need of a supportive and secure family. Our children are all individuals who have come from different birth family backgrounds and consequently, will have different needs. In view of this, we endeavour to identify and place them with families that have the necessary strengths, lifestyle and support mechanisms to help the child to develop and be nurtured in a safe and loving home environment.

Adoptions are arranged by an Adoption Agency that is legally permitted to undertake this work and The Isle of Wight Council's Adoption Service is just such an agency. When a child is adopted they become legally and permanently part of the adopter's family. Once the court has made an Adoption Order it means that parental responsibility immediately transfers from the child's birth parents to the adopter(s) and it is at this point that the Adoption is made legal.

It is fair to say that many people adopt as a positive choice to start or extend their family. The Adoption Service welcomes contact from a variety of people or individuals such as; single applicants, people in same-sex relationships, as well as people who may already have a family but who have capacity and want to adopt. The Service would be very pleased to hear from a range of people who for whatever reason want to have children in their lives and who can offer a safe and secure home for a child.

The Criteria for Adoption:

Generally speaking we are looking for people to adopt who:

  • Have a spare bedroom.
  • Are aged over 21; there is no upper age limit but we ask that applicants are fit and healthy.
  • Have childcare experience. This can be gained professionally, personally or voluntarily.

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To download a copy of our 'What is Adoption' booklet please click here (PDF,1.6mb, 5 pages).

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