Financial Management

Budget Consultation

Five One Pound Coins one on top of each other

The Isle of Wight Council has closed its budget consultation for 2017/18.  The consultation has sought views from Island residents, partners, businesses, town and parish councils and the voluntary sector about what their priorities are for council spending in the future.

Throughout 2016 the council responded to the government's fairer funding review of local authority services; making the case for the Isle of Wight's unique factors that have a significant impact on the delivery of public services. Alongside of this approach, the council has also agreed a new robust medium term financial strategy model, to help manage its finances, to create a sustainable and stable financial environment for the future, based around the themes of regeneration, growth and productivity. 

Your views and comments

Results from the consultation will be considered as part of the budget setting process before a final decision is made at Full Council in February 2017. A summary can be viewed here. (PDF, 235KB, 6 pages)

Background papers

The council's Medium Term Financial Strategy can be viewed here (PDF, 37.90KB, 2 pages).