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Map of the Isle of Wight showing Beaches

Love letter to my beach 

Would your child, or a child you care for, like to see their name up in lights at their favourite Island beach?

Well our commercial activities and media teams are working on an exciting partnership campaign Beauty of the Beach with the Environment Agency and Southern Water that could make that happen! 

As part of this campaign, we are running a social media competition from 9 January to 8 February 2017 to show how our Island's children value our beaches and what they do to keep them clean. There’s nothing like a bit of shame from the youngsters to get us adults to take more care of our environment too!

To find out about 6 easy ways to improve the beauty of your beach, please click here (PDF, 212KB, 1page).

The competition is open to all of the Island’s four to 11 year olds. All they need to do is write a 'love letter' in no more than 50 words, using the template here (PDF, 432KB, 1page), to their favourite Isle of Wight beach, and get an adult to take a photograph of it and upload it to @EnvAgencySE on Twitter by 8 February. The winner will be announced on Twitter on Valentine’s Day!

And keep a look out for some inspiring ideas throughout the competition period – we’ll be getting some other beach users to put up their love letters too!

The winning love letter for each beach will be displayed throughout the Summer on each winning beach’s bathing water signage.

So get creative!  Encourage your kids to come up with that winning letter, and get tweeting!

To view a recent news article about the campaign, please click here.


Introducing our Beaches

The Isle of Wight currently has many miles of coastline with a variety of beaches, from golden sand to shingle coves, some of which are managed and maintained by the Isle of Wight Council.  

In 2015, DEFRA announced the first bathing water classifications under the "2006 Bathing Water Directive". For details of each classification and up-to-date results, along with water quality history please click here (web).

Our beaches and esplanades are inspected regularly to ensure that they are clean and safe for our visitors.  When visiting our beaches please follow the guidelines to help us to maintain this standard.

As an Island we are committed to the safety of our residents and visitors and would like you to read our flyer on Seaside Safety (PDF, 146.68KB, 2 pages).  There are many visitors to the Island so, as you can appreciate there are several conflicts of interest.  We recommend that you visit the page that contains details of the regulations and byelaws appertaining to the area you wish to visit.  Details of all this information can be found at the information point at each location.

To find out information on disabled access and toilet facilities at our beaches please click here (PDF, 17.92KB, 1 page).

For information on each individual beach including access please click on the following links:

  1. Gurnard (PDF, 119KB, 4 pages).
  2. Cowes (PDF, 24.9KB, 3 pages).
  3. East Cowes (PDF, 14KB, 3 pages).
  4. Ryde (PDF, 90KB, 5 pages).        
  5. Springvale (PDF, 49.96KB, 3 pages).
  6. Seagrove (PDF, 50.53KB, 3 pages).
  7. Yaverland (PDF, 233.53KB, 4 pages).
  8. Shanklin (PDF, 285.38KB, 5 pages).
  9. Ventnor (PDF, 71.01KB, 5 pages).
  10. Totland (PDF, 228.70KB, 4 pages).
  11. Colwell (PDF, 266.23KB, 4 pages).
  12. Sandown (PDF, 213.30KB, 5 pages).
  13. St Helens (PDF, 60.97KB, 4 pages).

To download a leaflet on our new beach guide for dog owners please click here (PDF, 269.09KB, 2 pages).

Dogs are not permitted on any of the beaches between 1 May and 30 September.  To find out more about dog control orders on our island beaches please click here (PDF, 1.38Mb, 30 pages). 

To find out more information regarding metal detecting on Isle of Wight Council beaches, please click here.( PDF, 343Kb, 1 page) To view a map of the Island showing Isle of Wight Council owned and non owned beaches, please click here.(PDF, 228Kb, 1 page).