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Waste and Recycling Collection Service

Working in partnership with Island Waste Services, Isle of Wight Council delivers a range of recycling initiatives, for almost 70,000 households across the Island, to recycle, compost, recover and minimise domestic waste.  The council are responsible for many schemes through which householders can play an active part, minimising the waste that is sent to landfill and recycling or recovering a wide variety of materials.  

Kerbside Waste and Recycling Collection

The council provide a fortnightly kerbside collection for domestic waste and recycling. 

All households on the island have been provided with a green wheelie bin (or clear bags where appropriate) and at least one food caddy.  Householders are expected to provide their own means for containing residual waste (black bag waste and dustbins) and storing it securely between collections.

The waste collection calendars for 2015 are now available to download from our website.

The calendars are no longer being delivered to households, but it is easy to download a calendar specific to your address.

Simply click here, enter your postcode, select your address and then click 'view the calendar'.  You can then print the calendar.

Throughout 2015, the weekly waste collections mirror those of 2014, so you will not see a change in your collection day or what waste is collected on alternate weeks.

News Update for Residents Allocated Clear Bags

Recycling bags are now available from your local library.  Any residents requesting clear recycling sacks once they run low should continue to call the council on (01983) 823777. If the request is approved, the caller can then collect the sacks from their local library.  All residents collecting their bags from the library will be provided with a unique reference number which they will need to quote when picking up the bags.

Should residents run out of sacks before receiving their additional stock, they can place recyclable waste in coloured bin sacks as long as they are not black or grey in colour. Green sacks may also be used, but any green garden waste must only be placed in the pre-paid garden waste sacks.

  • Recycling bins/bags and food waste caddies are collected one week.
  • The following week residual (black bag) waste, food waste caddies and any green pre-paid sacks are collected.

The following can all be put in your wheelie bin or clear-sack for collection at the kerbside:

  • Paper.
  • Cardboard packaging.
  • Greetings cards.
  • Plastic packaging, wrapping and bottles.
  • Newspapers, directories, magazines, pamphlets and junk mail (please separate paper from plastic).
  • Steel and aluminium cans, jar lids and clean aluminium foil.
  • Jars and glass bottles.

Assisted Collections

If you find that you cannot manage the wheelie bin that has been provided for you or you cannot place your waste and recycling out on the kerbside for collection - you may be eligible for assistance with your waste and recycling collections.  You can read the policy here and apply for an assisted collection by clicking on the do it online tab at the top of the page and completing the online form.

Kerbside Kitchen Food Waste

We provide two collection caddies for food waste, a small one for in the house and a larger one for presenting the waste kerbside.  You can line the small caddy with plastic bags and put the multiple bags in the big caddy for collection.  This is collected upon a weekly basis at the same time as normal refuse or recycling.

You can put the following items in the food waste caddies:

  • Uncooked & cooked food. (including meat, meat products and bones)
  • Teabags, tea leaves, used coffee filters & coffee grinds
  • Fruit and vegetables, skins, peelings, stones and cores
  • Eggshells
  • Any uneaten food

Please do not put any food in packaging in the food waste caddie.

Kerbside Green Garden Waste Collection

Garden waste is not collected as part of the normal collection service. Green sacks have to be bought separately, costing £1.30 each (minimum order of 5 for £6.50, payment cannot be made in cash and cash on delivery is also not a valid payment method.) and are collected upon a fortnightly basis at the same time as normal refuse.  Please do not put out with your recycling as it will not be collected.  Green sacks bought from supermarkets and other shops are not the correct sacks and garden waste placed out for collection in such sacks will not be collected.

In the pre-paid bags you can put:

  • Grass cuttings.
  • Hedge trimmings.
  • Leaves.
  • Cut flowers.
  • But no soil and no rubble. 

You can purchase the bags from Island Waste directly or the outlets listed below:

BRADING Post Office;
BRADING Centre, West Street;
COWES Library
FRESHWATER Help Centre, (In Freshwater Library), School Green Road;
NEWPORT Help Centre, County Hall;
NEWPORT Island Waste Services, Forest Park, Forest Road;
RYDE Help Centre, (In Ryde Library), George Street;
SANDOWN, Library, High Street;
SHANKLIN Library, Victoria Avenue;
SHANKLIN Animals Helping People, 4 Yarborough Arcade, High Street;
ST LAWRENCE Post Office;
VENTNOR Winter Gardens;
VENTNOR Library;
WOOTTON Community Shop; 

Bring Bank Sites

Colour separated glass, textiles and aluminium cans.  Click here for a list of locations and postcodes for your SatNav.

Household Waste Recycling Centres (Civic Amenity Sites)

There are three sites on the island where householders can take and recycle items that are not collected with their normal weekly refuse collection. 

Bulky Household Items

Bulky household items such as wardrobes, washing machines, cookers, carpets, beds, mattress, suites/sofas, arm-chairs, broken furniture and similarly sized items are not collected as part of the scheduled waste and recycling collection service.  A separate, chargeable, service is offered for bulky items.

To dispose of bulky wastes either:

  • If the item is in good repair, why not donate it to the Storeroom project, your local charity shop, or freecycle it.
  • You could aslo sell it at a car boot, or online auction site such as ebay or wightbay or gumtree..
  • Our waste contractor Island Waste Services offer a bulky waste collection service.  Click on the forms tab to complete the online form to arrange a bulky waste collection.  There will be a charge made for this service. 
  • Call a local waste contractor such as to arrange a bulky waste collection, many advertise phone books or you can search online.
  • Visit our Recycling Pages to find out how you could reuse or recycle your item. 

Unfortunately most bulky wastes that are collected/delivered to the council are sent to landfill.  

Fridges and Freezers

European legislation prevents the disposal to landfill of fridges and freezers until all CFCs (including those trapped in the foam) have been removed, by a licensed repossessor.  As a result of this retailers are now unlikely to take back your old unit free of charge when you buy a new one.

To Dispose of Fridges or Freezers 

  • In good repair, donate it on freecycle
  • In good repair sell it at a car boot, or online auction site such as ebay or wight bay 
  • Take your fridge/freezer to one of the household waste recycling centres.  

Contact us to arrange a collection by clicking on the 'Forms' tab at the top of this page and by completing an on-line form.

There is a charge per item (cheque or card payment only) for this service and a waiting list of around 2 weeks. 

The fridge or freezer must be placed outside of your home ready for collection as the collecting staff will not carry any items through your property for you.  Fridges and freezers are sent to a specialist plant on the mainland where the CFC gases are extracted from the units prior to their disposal.  Last year over 6000 units were sent for disposal through this route from the Isle of Wight. 

The above does not apply to businesses or trades with fridges and freezers to dispose of.  Businesses and trades with fridges or freezers to dispose of should contact a private waste contractor, many advertise in phonebooks or you can search online.