27 Jul 2017 Last updated at 12:00

Cowes Week floating bridge service

During Lendy Cowes Week 2017, the Cowes floating bridge will offer an extended service during the early hours of the morning, throughout the week.

While over the past fortnight, the floating bridge has ceased operation at 10.30pm, due to the volumes of anticipated users during Cowes Week, extra sailings have been scheduled.

From Friday 28 July to Friday 4 August, the floating bridge will operate daily from 5am (from Cowes) until 1.50am the following morning on a constant basis. There will be extra crossings at 20 minute intervals from each side of the River Medina each night, with the final sailing from Cowes 3.10am.

As usual, on firework night (Friday 4 August) the floating bridge will also operate as a foot passenger only service between 6 and 11pm. Due to the high levels of demand on firework night, we would advise that people purchase their tickets to travel on the floating bridge in advance to ensure the smooth sailing of the bridge at peak travel time between 6 and 11pm.

A return foot passenger trip is £1.50 or, if using a Saver Card, this is reduced to £1 (Saver Cards must be purchased in advance and cost £2, but can then be kept and topped up for future use).

Councillor Ian Ward, Cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, said: “Lendy Cowes Week 2017 is an important event in the Island’s calendar; a chance to showcase our Island and attract visitors to our shores. It is, therefore, important that we are able to provide people with a good floating bridge service during this period, while we remain within the commissioning phase of the new floating bridge. But, it is equally important that we take into consideration the issues raised by local residents about the levels of noise that they are experiencing from the new vessel’s operation.

“Some noise level readings are currently higher than would be preferable, so the Isle of Wight Council is considering the recommendations arising out of the assessment, so that any necessary and appropriate corrective actions can be planned and undertaken. For example, we are looking at measures to dampen the sound of the prow, and are continuing to work with residents as part of the process.”

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Floating bridge Cowes Week timetable
Floating bridge Cowes Week timetable
  • Travellers are encouraged to purchase floating bridge tickets in advance of firework night (Friday 4 August).
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