11 Oct 2017

Winter is coming

From Monday 30 October, Lynnbottom and Afton Marsh Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) will be running winter opening hours, open from 10am to 6pm.

Lynnbottom HWRC at Newport, will be open seven days a week, including bank holidays (apart from Christmas Day).

Afton Marsh HWRC, near Freshwater, will be open, as usual, for three days; Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This includes bank holidays (apart from Christmas Day.)

Further information on what can be accepted and where possible, recycled at these sites, can be found at www.iwight.com/waste under Recycling Centres.

Vehicle permit scheme
If you are planning a visit in a van, pick-up, sign-written vehicle or commercial/ business type vehicle to take your household waste and recycling to the HWRCs, you will need a permit at both sites. Permits can be applied for online at www.iwight.com/HWRCpermitscheme . The household waste recycling areas are for household waste only but some commercial businesses and traders attempt to use these facilities for free and the vehicle permit scheme aims to tackle this illegal disposal of business waste.

Don’t forget – you are NOT limited to 12 visits per year with a permit card. Each permit card will allow your vehicle to make 12 visits to either recycling centres and it is only the card itself that is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Once you’ve used your 12 visits on your permit card up, you can reapply for another permit card and the permit is linked to your vehicle so more than one family member can use it to enter either site.

Further information about the vehicle permit scheme can be found at www.iwight.com/HWRCpermitscheme or by contacting (01983) 823777.

Mobile recycling centre
The mobile recycling centre will continue to visit areas across the Island between 10am and 2pm, and the winter timetable for locations will be issued by the end of October. The mobile recycling centre will collect the following items:
• Batteries (household)
• Small electrical appliances (i.e. toaster, hairdryer, mobile phones)
• Bulbs/fluorescent tubes
• Paper/cardboard
• Magazines
• Printer cartridges
• CDs and video tapes
• Scrap metal (Max 1m in length and 30cm width)
• Plastics
• Textiles
• Paint tins (lids must be on)

Please note: Any items not listed above for the mobile recycling centre will not be collected, including black bag waste, green garden waste and wood.

For further information on any of the above, please visit www.iwight.com/waste  

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Winters hours begin at the end of October.
Winters hours begin at the end of October.
  • From Monday 30 October, the household waste and recycling centres will be running Winter opening hours
Isle of Wight, UK